Higher Ministerial Committee for Hajj adopted headed by Engineer Sharif and Prime Minister Ismail general controls the organization of the Hajj this year, Egypt, where he was notified of the three organizers of the Hajj, namely the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Solidarity controls. And it included the organization controls for the pilgrimage this year, according to a statement, that the citizen who wants to perform the Hajj progress only one point from three implementing agencies for Hajj .. Also included in that is the registration and review of pilgrims data in the Interior Ministry to ensure that the progress of any citizen of more than one hand to be played each side then hold their own lottery. For its part, tourism companies began to receive passports wishing to tourist pilgrimage citizens and appealed to citizens tourism companies room to quickly apply directly to the tourism companies and branches scattered all over the country. And he confirmed the room, headed by Dr. Khalid Manaawi that any citizen apply for Hajj with a hand other than tourism companies will not be eligible to apply for the pilgrimage through tourism companies will be the exclusion of any citizen offers for Hajj with any other party even if it did not hit him the role in those Alhah, explaining that the exclusion will be before any hand for the draw for the pilgrimage, as this exclusion is in the interest of all citizens and private tourism companies clients who are keen on a pilgrimage with all companies it will also increase the chance of the applicants for the pilgrimage through the companies winning the pilgrimage by 50%.