Terms and Conditions

 Terms and Conditions

Access to 4omra website or purchasing any of its content, constitutes the user acceptance of the terms and conditions that set forth below:


1-      4omra provides its users with information from different available sources; 4omra is not responsible for any wrong information that is found.

2-      4omra does all its best in order to get right accurate information, but actually 4omra cannot guarantee this accuracy.

3-      The user is the only one who will be responsible for signing in; as 4omra directory contains many links and clients’ websites and this does not mean that these links represent 4omra or related to it so be careful, any of these links may contain any offensive or destructive thing such as viruses.

4-      The user will not be allowed to send, upload, share, or distribute any of the provided information of 4omra website in case of doing something like: - acts that lead to prosecution.  Stealing something that have copy rights or intellectual property rights – breaching the law, violating the rules of the internet or making any bad thing which could affect negatively on using 4omra.

5-      All the copy rights are reserved to 4omra directory and its customers.

6-      The user is allowed to use 4omra information or get benefit from it for a personal, commercial or educational usage, on the contrary anything else you ought to take the permission firstly from 4omra.

7-      The user should respect all the copy rights notifications, information, and the regulations of the website content.