About umrah directory

First directory for everything related to Hajj and Umrah in the Middle East. It is a complete database available on the internet for all internet users anywhere which allow searching in database related to Hajj and Umrah for free and without any registration in both Arabic and English.

It contains:

Hotels in Saudi Arabia.-

Religious tourism companies.-

Transport companies (buses, limousine,…).-

Companies and agencies of aviation.

Companies that have activities related to Hajj and Umrah(Ihram clothing, gifts,…) Companies specialized in providing services and facilities supplying products to organizations and Religious tourism (office furniture, electronic devices, supplies Saudi hotel,.......).

For members the directory helps them to increase the Footprint and to promote their services to their customers in both Arabic and English which provides:

-Name of company.



-- Means of communication (telephone - fax - mobile - website -email - social networking pages (face book - twitter).

- A full page to show information about the participant.

-Photo gallery specialized for every participant.

-video gallery specialized for every participant.

- Maps of the geographical location of participant (member) and its branches.

- Promotions offered to customers.

- special page for your ads (Tenders - auctions – Request employees - ......) other benefits.


For members there are allot of advantages:

1-The possibility to participate in services like ads with different ideas and affordable.

2 - Continuous communication to update any of the previous data listed Without limit during the subscription period.

3- Your customers can send e-mail directly from the site.

The directory have the advantage of easy search as there is a classification for organizations according to activities and all search keywords are listed and have the auto-complete option. The directory helps the searcher to find results in both English and Arabic and allow using mobile connected to the internet without any applications.

Master Vision For Integrated Solutions Invites all organizations and companies works in the field of Religious tourism(Hajj and Umrah)to register and list their data(name of company,address,activity,telephone numbers).for free.