Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

This page contains the privacy and constrains terms of membership to register in 4omra the directory of Hajj and Umrah. 

1-  Using 4omra website means that you’ve read, understood and accepted all the articles set forth in 4omra agreement.

2-  4omra provides its users with the option of making comments on its content but ought not to be harmful, offensive, libelous, dirty, illegal one or something like that.

3-   The user is the only one who is responsible for the comments he/she make.

4-   Intellectual property rights are reserved for you, and make sure that it will remain in the safe side.

5-   4omra website has the right to re-use your comments without any advance permission, if there is any update or any activity that related to it and sure without any distorting in its meaning.

6-   It is against 4omra regulations to impersonate or stealing a name of such an authority, you ought to use your real name or for example, your alias name.

7-  When you make a comment, IP number of your device will be registered. So in case of stealing someone else’s name, you expose yourself to the prosecution.

8-  It’s preferable to use your real e-mail address when you make a comment.

9-  4omra promises to use your e-mail address only in personal correspondence without sharing it with any third party.

10-   4omra website compiles special data about the user that is related to browser, operation system, IP number,….etc. be sure that compiling these data is to improve the provided service.

11-   4omra website has the right to share these data with a third party without any exploitation to your personal identification.

12-   If there is any new modification upon the articles set forth in 4omra agreement, 4omra is committed to make a clear notification about that.