General Directorate of Passports confirmed its readiness to implement the Ministerial Decision on new visa fees of its history, while the most likely responsible for »Mecca» system that will exclude eight visas, including diplomatic missions, international organizations and governmental visits.

He explained the spokesman of Passports Maj Talal Al Shalhoub's «Mecca» yesterday that his administration will be deepened to detail when they are received, reticent about declaring on the details of implementation of the new fees mechanisms.
He stressed that coordination with the concerned authorities to implement the decision to keep up and adjust the fees in respect of passports, stressing the need to differentiate between the passport and the Foreign Ministry tasks.

The «We are specialists visas out and back only, where multiple exit and return adjusted, where she was in the previous SR 200 for each passport and now has become her other arrangements».

On the other hand preferred official guessed anonymity to be diplomatic visas, visit diplomatic missions and international organizations, and governmental visits, and business visas, study, treatment, and escorts patients will be outside the new fee system, being governed by international agreements precedent.