Council of Ministers issued in Saudi Arabia, a decision to amend visas by the state and traffic fees. The resolution six items, the first to have the visa fee for one-time SR 2000, that the State bears the drawing for the next for the first time to perform the Hajj or Umrah, while Select the second drawing multi-entry visa, and extended, as follows: 3,000 riyals per visa duration six months, and 5,000 riyals per visa-year, and 8,000 riyals for the two-year visa. He stressed the decision the third item on the lack of prejudice to what is stated in the first and second items, including the contents of the bilateral agreements concluded between the Kingdom and other countries, while select the fourth item on the transit fee visa 300 riyals, V select Drawing Departure at 50 riyals each individual leaves the UK through seaports visa . He spoke the last item on the drawing exit visa, identifying them as follows: SR 200 for a single trip for two months maximum, and 100 riyals for each additional month, and within the duration of the residence, while the total return visa SR 500 for trips of several value for a period of three months.