Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, announced the ministry’s work on a new draft law regulating the work of “Hajj and Umrah”, and clarifying all details of the performance of the two rites.
A source in the ministry revealed the most prominent terms of the project, explaining that it includes reforming the old items included in the law, headed by the fund of the Chamber of Tourism Companies for Hajj and Umrah, which was issued for spending on tourist missions, in addition to appointing specialists from religious tourism from the Ministry of Tourism, and removing all those who do not have Functional
The source explained to Masrawy, that the provisions also include the removal of all unlicensed tourism companies, clients, brokers and delegates from occupying religious tourism, as they cause the companies and minor pilgrims to maintain the religious tourist market, and to preserve visas and not to cover them
Regarding the pilgrimage file, the source said that the new draft law takes into account the limited income and all segments of society for the levels of tourist pilgrimage, provided that the bulk of visas are given to the level (economic and land), and not to allow those who previously registered in any of the two ministries of the Interior Ministry or Solidarity "Apply to the electronic lottery of the Ministry of Tourism.

He pointed out that the new draft law continues to control the application of the amount of seriousness of reservation to the level of 5 stars, the capacity of 20 thousand pounds, the amount of 15 thousand pounds for the tourist level 4 stars, and the amount of 10 thousand pounds for the two levels (economic and land), according to a mechanism that allows depositing and redeeming the amount of the reservation seriousness By the citizen